Watch this 3-minute video on what CARE is, why it's important, and how it works, from former participants.
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The link between leadership and CARE

Leading others is like cooking, golf or any other favorite activities, you can never perfect it. While you were born with a level of IQ, you were not born with a level of EQ (emotional intelligence). This is something you acquire through life and learning, and something you can’t perfect. The way you lead is directly linked to your results. The CARE Anywhere experience will equip you with the emotional intelligence, skills and habits to lead in the modern workplace and create safe environments for people to thrive, no matter where your team members are located. The expectations from your team members have changed, and you need to adapt in order to get the most out of them so everyone wins.
There is a reason why there are so few great leaders around us. It was challenging before Covid-19, it is even more challenging now our teams are dispersed. Our brain tricks us every day to do things that are good for us as leaders, but are perceived not good by our teams. So just by realizing a few of those biases that blind you and cause others stress means your team will see you in a different and more effective light. By unlearning some ineffective skills you were taught and rewiring to the demands of the modern worker, you will engage your team in ways in which they will want to do more than before. Who doesn’t want a team that is more productive, more engaged, and gives you more time to do the things expected of you?

Irina Soriano, Seismic

“The DX Learning team has done a fantastic job of opening up new areas of development for me as a leader…it allowed me to create more space for creativity by offering less instruction at times and more freedom to build and construct while ensuring the final picture and vision is clearly painted.”

A focus on real change

Our programs are designed to motivate human development.  Not just today, but for good.

Backed by neuroscience, our programs are developed in a way that help participants learn in the most effective way possible.  This makes the learning process extremely efficient and the learning immediately applicable. So effective is this approach, that every time the experience is repeated, the participant becomes even more self-aware.

This learning process is achieved through our unique 6-step methodology.  From an initial growth mindset to reinforcement that makes the habit stick, we'll leave no stone unturned to ensure your people are forever improved in their journey to CARE for others.

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