The CARE Experience®

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Scalable training for a more human workplace.

Increase psychological safety in your team.

In this modern age, great leaders develop a sense of belonging, creating a psychologically safe workplace no matter the geography of their team. DX Learning’s The CARE Experience™ will help managers develop teams that feel empowered to speak their mind, innovate, collaborate effectively, and stay in the game. This is the key to fostering high-performing teams while developing a more human workplace.

The CARE Experience is a scalable, experiential leadership awareness-building tool for managers to identify what they need to successfully lead diverse, dispersed teams, aligned to your organization’s culture and values. Managers become aware of bad leadership habits that are getting in the way of higher performance. They identify what their team needs from them and feel motivated to improve their leadership skills to better meet those needs.

Break up with your bad habits.

When it comes to habits, the brain doesn't know the bad from the good.

You might think your leadership is second to none. You could be right, but you might also be wrong. And if there’s little psychological safety in your team, no one’s going to speak up to let you know.

Imagine the money and engagement left on the table when you’re left in the dark.

Experiential exercises. Virtual games. Breakout rooms to digest and discuss. High-tech reinforcement. We offer the hands-on tools proven to open eyes, encourage, re-wire, and reinforce, making CARE a permanent part of how your leaders lead.

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The CARE program is exceptional, and embracing it has helped my leadership team successfully navigate the current challenges with greater confidence, communication, connection, grace and empathy (and stronger results).


Jim Pitts SecurAmerica

Program Highlights

Duration: 1 to 7 hours + 30-day reinforcement system

Designed to: Accelerate behavior change aligned to your values and the demands of the modern workplace

Delivery: In-person or virtual

Designed for: All managers and/or intact teams; virtual executive & team offsites

Foundational Components


Facilitated interactive kick-off experience that inspires leaders to empower their teams to thrive in the modern workplace.

Habit-forming technology

to accelerate change

Comprehensive Enhancements

Delve deeper into what CARE means for your team.

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A tool to accelerate empathy and inclusion with teams.


to measure psychological safety and track behavior change.


to establish key areas for continued growth.

As a result of The CARE Experience, you and your team will...


Improve your emotional intelligence and stimulate the growth mindset.


Learn how to behave in ways that will improve the psychological safety of colleagues & team members.


Learn how to maximize the productivity of your team no matter where they are located.


Embrace the soft leadership skills of the modern workplace.

Accelerate the potential of your team.

Being a great leader isn't about being great, it's about being human.

It is your job to lead your team to psychological safety because it’s so easy for employees to feel isolated, especially in the modern workplace. By applying the CARE Model, we are lowering that isolation and increasing performance.

Our science-based leadership framework starts with understanding what it means to be human and the need to feel safe. We work to build a people-first leadership mindset by defining psychological safety concerns and cultural aspirations. We break down each section of the CARE model and why it matters to give your team a common language for psychological safety. Then, through short experiential activities designed to show the biases that blind us, you get to see your natural human tendencies on display, and how that impacts your team. From there, you have the data points to assess the blind spots getting in the way of building a psychologically safe team.

The outcome? You’ll gain empathy and tools to identify what your team members need from you, maximize the psychological health of your team, integrate CARE with your existing organizational values, and pinpoint solutions you need to motivate your employees.

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